Birds of Delta

  • More than 3,000 pairs of pelicans breed annually in the Danube Delta (estimate: Romania Tourism). Along with the cormorants, swans, and ducks, they make up the largest contingent of the 176 species that breed in the area
  • Summer swans and big cormorants migrate to the Delta every summer from Asia, and the common and curly pelicans start their journey from Africa
  • Visiting a cormorant or pelican-breeding colony is an awesome experience. Cormorants, spoon-bills, egrets, and herons share the colony ensuring that every vantage branch on the trees hosts a nest
  • Strictly protected colonies give the visitor a magical insight into the amazing world of nature
  • In the reed beds below, ducks and swans rear their young in nests camouflaged in the thick foliage
  • An abundant food supply is provided in the surrounding waters of the Delta, where birds consume thousands of tonnes of fish every year