DELTA NATURE RESORT is located on the banks of Lake Somova, 17 km from the town of Tulcea in eastern Romania, which is 300 km north-east of the capital city of Bucharest

Road connectivity: Tulcea is connected to Bucharest by a well-maintained highway that runs through one of the most scenic regions of the country (Travel time to resort from Bucharest by road: 3 ½ hours)

Helicopter: Chartered helicopter – our helipad is meters away from the main Club building at the resort (Flying time from Bucharest direct to our resort by helicopter: One hour)

Other: Tulcea also has a domestic airport as well as a railway station

The resort organizes road transfers from Bucharest to our resort and back (our fleet of luxury automobiles). Car transfers are chargeable.

UNESCO / UNEP profile

Key features of the Danube Delta

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site, covering 5165 square kilometres of the Danube Delta and the adjoining Razelm-Sinoe lagoons.
  • Major remaining wetland on the flyway between east-central Europe and the Middle East; critical and exceptionally varied habitat for migratory birds
  • 312 recorded species of bird (of which 184 are protected by the Bern Convention). Over 176 species breed on the site, the most important being the cormorants and the pelicans. There are numerous heron colonies and raptor species, geese, teal, mallard, and pochard
  • Over 75 recorded species of Fish, including 45 freshwater species. This includes several species of Caviar producing sturgeon
  • Recorded over 900 vertebrates and 2,500 invertebrate animals
  • Largest and best preserved of Europe’s deltas, featuring lakes interconnected by narrow channels and lagoons
  • The most extensive wetland in Europe
  • The largest reed beds in the world, the largest natural water purification system in Europe, constantly refreshed and fertilized by floodwaters, filtering silt, nutrients, and pollutants before they reach the river in the Black Sea.