Vilă Premium

79 / per night
Vilele rezidențiale Premium sunt foarte spațioase, beneficiază de o verandă largă, oferind o vedere impresionantă a lacului şi a câmpiilor maiestuoase.

Conditii de cazare de 4*

  • 30 apartamente spatioase Premium si Deluxe – fiecare avand o suprafata de 60 mp
  • cu vedere catre gradina, partial catre lac Somova
  • Construite in mod traditional din lemn si piatra
  • Elegant amenajate cu mobilier din lemn de nuanta inchisa
  • Hol cu deschidere catre dormitor cu baie, living si o veranda generoasa
  • Paturi twin sau pat matrimonial, birou, sifonier, canapea, semineu; pilote, lenjerie din bumbac, cosmetice, halate de baie;
  • TV, cafetiera, minibar, fier si masa de calcat, seif.

Room Availability

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Room Reviews

Bruno, Galya, Boyan and Pavel -

A perfect stay in your field for my family with two little children: 3 and 5 years. The staff is very agreeable and daisy. Doru made our trip to the lake very interesting for all the family. He is very helpful. Thank you and see you soon!!

Jon and Kathy Locke -

Many thanks for an enjoyable and restful three days here. The view over the lakes from the villas is excellent. We enjoyed the trips and the hospitality of the staff.

Valleteau Family -

Excellent place to get to know the beauties of the Danube Delta.